My 2018 | Highlights of the year

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Happy New Year! With 2018 being over, I wanted to share this short video with you, showing my highlights of 2018. I got to see a lot of new places, had amazing experiences, and learned a lot about myself!

This is my first video edit with Final Cut Pro X, so let me know what you think.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was amazing. In the middle of the desert, this city looks unreal and it actually feels like you are on a different planet. Walking through the hotels and the casinos is really an incredible experience. I got to see the Jennifer Lopez: All I Have show, took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, ate at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, and spent a lot of time playing craps in the casinos. Great way to get 2018 started.

New York City

After that, I went to New York and was even more impressed than I was in Las Vegas. I had seen skyscrapers before but standing in the middle of Times Square and looking at all the buildings is an indescribable feeling. I saw three shows on Broadway and went shopping in SoHo and on Fifth Avenue. Definitely something everyone has to do when being in New York. The whole city itself is just unbelievable and I think everyone should have been to New York at least once in a lifetime.

Seattle & Vancouver

Another Highlight of 2018 was my visit to Seattle and Vancouver. Seattle is so different compared to all the other American cities that had been to so far and actually reminded me of Europe a little bit. I loved the nature around the city and if you ever get the chance make sure to go to the Diablo Lake because it has an amazing scenery. I went to the first Starbucks store that ever opened, visited the Seattle Roastery, and explored the whole city. My highlight when I was in Vancouver was definitely to go whale watching and see the orcas!


After all my travels in the United States, Miami was my final destination. In my opinion, the best thing about the city is the fact that it is a big city but still so close to the beach. I spent the first few days relaxing by the pool and on the beach before I headed down to Key West. Honestly, I was a little disappointed about Key West itself but the drive down there was incredible. Also, snorkelling on Islamorada, which is one of the island before Key West, was awesome! Afterwards, I headed back to Miami and spent some time downtown. The weather was great and I just had the best time relaxing and enjoying my free time (eating, sleeping, shopping).

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